Flyer Kineks are small, flying Kineks from Cthonia.
Flyer Kinek by Holbenilord

Flyer Kinek


Flyer kineks are small, rarely more than 20cm long.

The flyer kinek's unique characteristic is its wings, which are derived from its front pair of arms. A long, thick membrane stretches between the back and wingtip. This distinguishes them from Runners and Tanks. They also have a far thinner carbonate layer, and smaller mouth.


Flyers eat the shoots that only exist at the top of clubtrees, the most digestible and nutritious part of the plant.

Life CycleEdit

Flyer Kineks move individually, and gather twice every Cthonian year to mate. Males must catch females to mate with them. Females only mate once per season, and then the individuals all go their seperate ways.

Gestation takes two weeks, and eggs are laid on trees in clutches of four to six. The female stays with her young for the first three weeks of their life.