Flower worm
Flower worms are small Flowerheads native to the planet Tethys. Small, slow, and nutritious, they serve as a keystone species for the planet's predators.



Flower worms have long, slender green bodies. Their faces are masses of orange tentacles which somewhat resemble flower petals.

Flower worms can grow to be up to five feet long, although they rarely get to this length.


Due to their small stature, highly edible nature, and lack of speed, flower worms are incessantly targeted by Tethys' predators. The only reason the species has not gone extinct is because they reproduce astonishingly quickly, with each one laying about a hundred eggs a week. They are hermaphroditic, and so finding a mate is not an issue. Random mutations prevent the problems normally associated with frequent cloning.


Flower worms eat small plants they find on the forest floor. Ferns, fungi, and mosses make up it's entire diet.


Flower worms are not particularly intelligent, and they spend their lives blindly trying to find food and avoid predators.

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