Fleet of Voids

A picture of the Fleet of Voids send by the ship Novia-Vorthum before beign destroyed by the ships.

The Fleet of Voids is a enormous fleet consisting of billions of ships, if not trillions. The ships are formed as that of a Void Breaker but there were many ships of a smaller and bigger size. The picture is only the rear of the fleet and we estimate it is less then 0,001% of the whole fleet

It was first sighted at the edges of the Obscura Galaxy. 3 Klutsi Alliance Fleets were dispatched to investigate but never returned and are most likely destroyed. One ship was found, high damage and crew missing and the black box was salvaged. The ship received a transmission which was the following:

"Organics detected, Kill-Sequence 048 started. Firing weapons in 3, 2, 1...weapons fired! The Void will devour all, we shall reclaim our place in the Universe."

After that the transmission ended.

Spotted ShipsEdit

After investigating the picture closelly we have categorised the ships seen on the picture. (the names are titles given to them)

  • Lord of Voids: The biggest ship seen on the picture. Possibly the Flagship.
  • Bringer of Voids: Semi-biggest ship, 10 were spotted. Possibly dreadnoughts.
  • Void Breakers: Already encountered ships. Main ship spotted in the Fleet. These are battleships.
  • Messenger of the Voids: Smaller ship. categorised as heavy-cruisers. Not many were spotted.
  • Particle of the Voids: Smallest warship encountered. Categorised as frigets. Many were spotted.
  • Void Atom: Fighters, these were in giant numbers.

Current activitiesEdit

At the current the Fleet of Voids has attacked Lok'ixo before it was destroyed by Corus. However soon afterwards fronts have opened on several planets troughout the Viperius Galaxy System taking species with them and changing them into cyborgs to fight for them.

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