Flamingo stag

A rough approximation of the Flamingo Stag.

Flamingo stags are deer-sized amphibians native to the swamps of Ishtar. They are tall and thin, and are usually a beautiful shade of blue.


Flamingo stags are spindly animals, with a duck-like bill. They can grow up to ten feet tall, and can run at speeds of twenty miles an hour.


Flamingo stags dip their bills inot bodies of water and filter out microscopic algae. Of course, different regions hold different types of algae. Therefore, the color of the individual depends on the algae it eats. Green, white and even pink individuals are not unknown.


Flamingo stags live in herds of up to twenty animals, led by an elder female (or, matriarch). During the wet season, males compete for the favor of the matriarch. They compete not by fighting, but by singing. Their song is rather like birdsong, although somewhat louder and richer.

When faced with a predator, the matriarch will issue an alarm call. The animals will then scatter in all directions. They locate each other later on by singing.