The First Titanic War
Part of The Titanic Wars
Date 10 million BM
Location Across Obeidon
Result Removal of Arawn and Lanrao
Casus belli Unknown
The Arawn The Lanrao The Order
The God-King Maeve None Castus
Unknown, several quadrillion ships Unknown, a few quintillion ships All forces
All forces All forces Several sextillion minds
The Order destroyed all known Arawn libraries during this war and sealed the Lanrao in the sealed universe, Pandora. As a result, both sides were completely eradicated, except for some possible survivors.
The First Titanic War was an immense sixty-year war between the Lanrao, Arawn, and The Order. It was extremely bloody, and ended in the near-total eradication of the Lanrao and Arawn and a loss of nearly half of The Order's forces.


The largest faction in this war was The Order. Comprising of several septillion minds, they managed to stop the war. However, having to devote all of their forces was quite costly, and several interuniversal 'crimes' were commited.

The Lanrao were the second largest faction, comprising of quintillions of ships and billions of their immense Megaships. They are classified as the least powerful, however.

The Arawn were the most powerful side in this war, only losing due to their Libraries being destroyed. Their neutronium ships easily destroyed enemy Minds and ships alike.


This war lasted for sixty years, with entire universes destroyed for resources. Although numbers are unknown, it is true that all forces were destroyed or disabled on the non-Order sides.

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