The fidelisaur is a genetically altered, domesticated form of the carnager. It was made by altering the genetics of a carnager population which had emigrated to the planet Carakos.


In outside appearance, the fidelisaur looks much like its ancestor, the carnager. Like the carnager, it is a large tyrannosaurid dinosaur, about fifteen meters long. It is dark in color with a reddish tint. It is bulky and has small arms, and has a large mouth with serrated teeth.

However, there are several differences. While normal carnagers are aggressive, fidelisaurs are engineered to be loyal to the Arlekt and Mokele Cyberteeth, using a combination of genetic engineering and brain implants. These implants, introduced at adolesence, control the mind of the dinosaur, preventing it from attacking its masters.

The skeleton of a fidelisaur is also augmented at sexual maturity, with an exoskeleton consisting of kevlar, graphene and carbyne, giving them better defense against enemy weapons while also stopping them from being weighed down.


Fidelisaurs are carnivores, and are usually fed with Arlekt livestock when not being used in war. On spaceships, they are fed synthetic meat.


Fidelisaurs are used by the Arlekt and Mokele Cyberteeth to guard cities, and they are sometimes also used as weapons of war. The graphene alloy exoskeleton makes them less vulnerable to enemy fire than entirely biological animals.

At first, they were restricted to Carakos, but they have since been imported to other colonies as well.


  • Credit to Pinguinus for creating the carnager.
  • The name fidelisaur means "loyal lizard" in Latin.

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