Gee son, I dunno what you're talking 'bout. Maybe I would have if I CARED!
- Ficeh talking to his/her inferiors...

Ficeh is a Twik-Twikh special operations sergeant serving in the Twikhii Marine Forces, it is unknown what gender he/she is or even how old he/she is. Most of the data involving Ficeh is classified as he/she serves with the Twikher Secret Service. However his/her excistance is proven.


The earliest records of Ficeh date back from 3.999.371 -- AM, several weeks before the end of the Volt Conflict. A popular rumour on the net states that Ficeh has always had her rank of Spec Ops Sergeant and never did proper training.

After the Volt Conflict an unknown officer (who still hasn't been apprehended) leaked several files of her revealing that she played a major role in the ending of the Volt Conflict.


A cold and arrogant person, Ficeh sees his/her inferiors as 'the scum of the societ' and makes no effort to hide this. Soldiers and military investigators followed Ficeh on several occasions trying to figure out his/her gender by discovering his/her sexual preference, it was unsuccesful as he/she seemed interested in both genders. Attempts made to build a friendship have always proven to be fruithles for lower ranked marines, Ficeh only respects higher ranked marines and officers.

Several records, including 2 videos, have shown that Ficeh has an intrest for feline creatures and is known to give bits of her food to them. She seems to have a dislike for canine creatures.


  • Ficeh is a word joke of Chief.

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