Ferrus Jandor is the Salsene captain of the Wanderer.


Jandor is an average Salsene in size and build. However, the end of his tail is missing, due to a Staerk attack.


Jandor is a noble individual, frequently showing a strong sense of honor and chivalry.

He feels a strong sense of responsibility, and he would never leave one of his men behind.

Grim and with little patience for those and with inferior ability, Jandor has very few friends.


Jandor was born in a Salsene colony on Piasek. As soon as he came of age, he joined the Salsene Grand Fleet, and was eventually assigned on a combat vessel searching for the Elisri homeworld. Unfortunately, his wife, a fellow officer, was killed by an "Obliterator" class battleship, and the search failed. Jandor, however, showed considerable bravery during the battle, and he was given command of the Wanderer soon afterwards.

In FictionEdit

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