The Ferreuspina Cat is a predator native to Lacum Island, on Saaristo. On its volcano, they are secondary predators to Greater Lanx Monkeys, but on the plains, they are dominant.


The mountain varient can be up to three metres long, whereas the plains varient can be up to six metres long, twice that size. They are normally a majestic golden colour, with the spikes (mentioned below) a duller brown.

They have a lower jaw that protrudes forwards further than the upper jaw, but not so much that they cannot bite properly. They have a sensitive, black nose, which is both its strength (excellent smell) and weakness (sensitive to touch). Greater Lanx Monkeys use this against them. They also have excellent sight.

A row of spikes runs down the top of the head, the neck, spine, and tail. Two mores rows on either side of this, slanting outwards, are present on the neck and body. Some spikes jut outwards from the rear legs.

The feet are four-clawed. The claws are more hooked in the volcano variety, as they are used for gripping ledges.

Near the end of the tail, where it becomes long and slender, there are no spikes. The tail is used for balance.


The mountain varient pair for life. After mating, the female gives birth to 1-3 live offspring. They are raised for a couple of years, and then abandoned. After abadoning, the pair will mate again, in the next mating season.

Pairs co-operate in hunting, allowing them to stage ambushes, as they are fairly intelligent for non-sapients. They take it in turns to feed on a kill, so the other can be on the lookout for danger.

The plains varient is solitary, as it is the dominant predator. They get together to mate, but then the male leaves the female to raise the children, normally 1-5. After a few years, they are left to fend for themselves, sometimes sticking together until the reach adulthood.


They are carnivorous. Their primary prey is the Igneuscandendum, regardless of variety. The plains variety will also attack Greater Lanx Monkeys.


They live all over Lacum Island, the mountain varient being smaller and more agile than the plains varient.

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