Fanisid Slime is another type of fanisid mass.
Fanisid slime

Fanisid Slime, growing around five blobs of nutrient


The cells of this type of fanisid are almost identical to those of others.

They are capable of secreting large quantities of enzymes, which additionally weaken their protective shell. However, their organelles are protected from attack (by an inhibitor which adheres to them). This means the spores can absorb large quantities of nutrients from carrion or leaf litter.

Slime cells are capable of staying in suspension for many days, without food or water.


This organism occurs worldwide, with several different species in existence.

It exists mainly in the swamp forests, but also the beaches and foothills of the central mountains.

Life CycleEdit

Whenever slime cells gain sufficient nutrients, they reproduce, creating spores which are released into the wind or within the matter they are digesting.

The spores develop, and carry on the cycle.