Fanisid Shrooms are a type of Fanisid which sometimes form masses similiar to Earth mushrooms.
Fanisid shroom

A Fanisid Shroom, in its most recognisable form.


Typical Fanisid decomposers, Fanisid shrooms form masses of cells on decaying organic matter, such as carrion or leaf litter. The cells can survive individually for many days without water or food.

These masses are often a putrid beige and brown. They are never poisonous, but are rich in protein, and as such are sometimes eaten by Kineks.

The shape taken is variable, but the spore emitting part when it develops is always round and above the rest of the mass.

Life CycleEdit

Shroom spores travel around the Swamp Forests, and if they land on suitable material, will begin to decompose it. In this stage, they reproduce by budding.

When nutrients are running out, the cells begin to consume themselves and the nutrients then travel to the top of the mass, where a 'fruiting body' forms. This then emits spores.

When the mass dies, the structure stays intact until broken. As such, the skeletons of these masses are littered around trees and carrion.