Spore Fangarm

The Fangarm (plural Fangarms) is a creature native to Ziarna on Piasek.




A Fangarm is about five metres long and three metres tall, and is built so stockily it weighs over a tonne.


The head of a Fangarm is a blunt square shape. The eyes are small, and sight is not the best of their senses. In addition, the eyes are on either side of the head, meaning it has no binocular vision. Smell is a more dominant sense, as the Fangarm has two sets of nostrils, the lower one larger than the higher one.

The mouth of a Fangarm is really only a hole. Food is pushed into the hole by the tentacles that extend from the head. For an unknown reason, some tentacles are slightly furred.

Body and LegsEdit

The body of a Fangarm is very short, and almost as high as it is long, because there is a fleshy hump almost doubling the height. This hump can be used to store food or liquid.

Strangely, a Fangarm only has two legs. These are short and muscular, making them great for long distance running. The feet have three toes, and each is tipped with a fairly blunt claw.


Like the rest of the Fangarm, its tail is short and stocky. At the end are two short spikes, that can be used as defensive weapons.

Muscle and Bone StructureEdit

The muscles of a Fangarm are strong and thick, especially in the legs to support the body. The tentacles can be moved individually, so the muscles must be fairly strong there as well.

The bones of a Fangarm are thick and solid, adding to the overall weight of the animal. This is because they are hunted by Spytkalats, which are efficient pack hunters. Strong bones and musculature give them the best chance of survival.


Fangarms are herbivorous, and feed mainly on Arbusto, a common shrub found all over Ziarna. They use their strong tentacles to uproot the plants, and then eat the whole plant. The roots are especially valued, as they contain the most moisture.


Fangarms live in small groups, as large herds would inevitably compete over food. Groups can be up to twelve members, and they look out for each other, because they are constantly hunted by the similarly sized Spytkalat.

Mating happens within in a group, and the newborns are raised to adulthood. If the group already contains over ten members, it will most likely be chased off before then, as a pre-adult, to form its own group. If the group has less than ten individuals, it may be raised to adulthood and join the group.


Fangarms live in the desert of Ziarna. They lose heat through their tentacles, similar to a dog panting. These and other adaptations allow them to survive in the burning conditions.

In FictionEdit

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