The FTLGSS Hypernova (FTLGSS standing for 'Faster-Than-Light Giga-Star-Ship) is the largest Urahob ship in existence. It is around 100km in length, with the Unification at 40km and the Golden Orb at around 10km.

Current StatusEdit

The Hypernova is currently situated on a recently-founded Ageriulan colony, where it guards it from the Craan and Flesh Thieves, as well as any other races it may encounter.


The Hypernova has an extremely large and powerful weaponry, and could probably give a small Craan fleet a run for their money single-handedly. It has many Reactionals and Tornado Darts, as well as antimatter cannons (which, obviously, shoot antimatter) known as Alhtuputh Cannons, which are exremely effective against the Craan's material armour. As well as average Hyperdrive technology, it has repulsor fields, which are enough to deflect any rogue bits of antimatter from the cannons. It has a couple of smaller ships situated inside it, such as the MSWS Partner and Battle-Axe. Its Black Light procedure is even larger than the explosion from the Cybertooth's Apocalypse nuke, with the force of 1,000 KT meteorites.

When not preparing for battle, it is used as a space station, and can dock the Unification on one of its sides, which can help if both ships happen to be in the same battle and either needs repairs.

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