220px-Echidna skeleton

The skeleton of a Eutherian

The Eutherians were a race of mammalian herbivores native to the Viperius Galaxy System. They were destroyed by a Verplaatsen invasion.


The Eutherians resembled spiny anteaters, except that they could rear up on their hind legs. When standing, they could be up to seven feet tall. Their spines contained a lethal venom which protected them from large predators on their homeworld.



The Eutherians were a peaceful race, that hated war and violence. Crime was almost unheard of.


Originally, the Eutherians had only small, unarmed starships and terraformers. Later on, they built energy weapons (adapted from an industrial laser) and explosives.


The Eutherians were a civilization of pacifists, until they were attacked by the Verplaatsen. After the first wave of invaders destroyed most of their colony worlds, many of their scientists began to create weapons of war.

However, it did them no good, as the Verplaatsen annihilated their race.

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