Etcirtl are the carnivorous order of the Basnal class, in the phylum chordata.


Etcirtl have far more species than Bitkcirtl which have eyes. They rely on this to hunt and spot dangers, while the rest of their senses, except for scent, have been diminished. Since they are tetracrurian, they have four legs, which are heavily muscled. Their bodies are very streamlined, and adapted for sprinting. Some species have extremely strong jaw muscles,

They also can act as hydrovores, getting nutrition from minerals in water. However, they rarely do this as animals are quite abundant on Voricia. For eating animals, they have sharp, somewhat serrated teeth, which can saw through flesh quite easily. After somewhat liquidizing their food, they swallow it and it travels to their stomachs. They have two, very strong, stomachs which have several kinds of acids in them. The food then is digested inside of what seems to be an intestine-like organ.

Etcirtl are far more intelligent than herbivorous Basnal, as they have average encephalization quotients of 2.11. Their brain density is slightly smaller than that of a human, but they still manage to be somewhat intelligent. Their brain leads 3 spinal cord-like nerves running through their spine and under it.

They have 1, central, four-chambered heart in their chest, which is bordered by a single lung. This lung wraps itself in an upside-down U shape around the heart, and oxidizes all of the blood pumping through the body.


Etcirtl are rather intelligent, and live in packs. They are not led by any sort of alpha, but all have equal rule and protection. However, slight differences cause groups in these packs to group together and hunt together. It is not known why they notice their differences, but it does show intelligence.

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