Esciv Rhombites are a type of Rhombite from Cthonia. They are part of the Cthonian Plankton.
Esciv rhombite

An Esciv Rhombite


Escivs are around 1cm long, and 0.4cm wide.

They have a thick carbonate armour, six cilia and a tail like other Rhombites.

They have a primitive eye above their cloaca, and small maxillipeds.


Esciv Rhombites eat Fanisid spores and smaller Rhombites.

Life CycleEdit

Rhombites reproduce asexually, laying a small sac containing five to ten eggs. This floats in the plankton.

These hatch to produce smaller Escivs, which grow up rapidly. Escivs usually live a month if not eaten, and reproduce once every ten days.

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