Picture of an equisaur. Ignore the human. From Dragon Wars: D-War.

Equisaurs are dinosaurian mounts used as cavalry by the Cyberteeth.

General informationEdit

Equisaurs are large carnivorous reptiles which resemble theropod dinosaurs. They come in many colors, from black to dark yellow, and their bodies usually have spots or stripes . They almost always have fur on their necks and backs, but the rest of the body is covered in hard scales. These animals are 6-8 meters long, and can run at speeds of 25 MPH.

Their teeth are long, thick and serrated, reaching lengths of 15 centimeters long. Equisaurs always have horns of their heads, though the number of horns varies from 1-6. Equisaurs have metal bones and thick skin to withstand tougher weapons. Sometimes, large machine guns are mounted on their backs. These are always controlled by a Cybertooth rider. This makes them very deadly in combat.

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