Entropus Rex


Boltzmann Brain

Entropus Rex is a Boltzmann Brain that is currently living in Obeidon. It is extremely old, and highly dangerous.


Entropus is frequently described as a "swirling vortex of chaos and evil."


This entity is capable of many things, including the creation of Dimensional Rifts and massive energy beams. Entropus once annihilated an entire solar system in mere moments. It is also capable of instantly destroying most Free Minds.

When damaged or destroyed, Entropus can reassemble itself after a few hundred years.


Entropus Rex is a mysterious entity, very rarely giving information about itself.

Relations with other SpeciesEdit

Entropus Rex is at war with The Vision, believing them to be far inferior to itself. It often transplants Darkshades and other foul beasts of the Multiverse to points where they could cause much damage. It is unknown whether there is a purpose to these doings, or if it is merely random destruction.

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