The Entopiu (Jaxaari Entopiu) are a peaceful race of catlike humanoid creatures with cylindrical/conical shaped feet called "pads". Like humans, they have divh genders: Mori, or mori, and Feri (pronounced fyeree), or feri; and they walk upright on divh legs. All Entopiu are heterosexual. Like cats, they have a wide variety of pelt colors and designs and a tail.  They have claws which protrude in the exact middle of the finger, which are usually contracted so they don't damage anything.

 There are eight types, each with different abilities, except for one: Frost, Blaze, Photon (which controls light), Darcon (the opposite of a Photon), Energic (which control energy, can teleport, can materialize/dematerialize things, and have a special form known as 2.0), Darkenergic (which are like Energics but control Dark Matter/Energy, and their special form is called -2.0), Nixium (which have no abilities), and Neuros (which can emit electricity, and they also have a plethora of unknown abilities).

 Entopiu mate for life, which means they stay with their mate for the rest of their life, which is forever. (Dang, talk about commitment!) When a mori and a feri become mates, they grow "mate wings" which have designs on them. Each design is different.

 Entopiu are Hydrogen based, and are made up of molecular chemicals instead of cells; they reproduce using chemicals instead of gamete cells (but they still get it on like humans). Young Entopiu are called "kits". Kits are 6 inches tall and can only mew for the first three weeks of their life, until they learn how to speak. Adults can be 6 to 8 feet tall. Entopiu become adults at the age of 100 years, when they give themselves a name. They live forever but they can die and they can get hurt.

 Entopiu don't get sick very often, but when they do they can become infected with a superficial virus known as Merlecian Flaknutsluvoxobiema (pronounced merleesheeuhn flaknuhtslohvahksohbeemuh) if they don't clean bad cuts they get (if they ever get any). Most of the species once became infected with a dangerous nanovirus called the Dust from Cordyceps Prime.

 In order to remain healthy, they must retain enough energy to survive. If they run out of energy, or lose too much energy, they could die. They have extremely high metabolisms, and they eat about 8 small meals a day, and they sleep about 12-13 hours each night (or collectively during the day). However, they absorb most of the energy they need from the air around them. Even then, they are very good at conserving this energy, so it's very hard for them to lose energy. Also, despite sleeping for so long, they are extremely active creatures.

 They have a strange nervous system, with one main brain in the head and smaller sub-brains spread throughout the body by each appendage and by the reproductive organs. 

 They have one leader, known as an Ultimate Supreme Organizer, and they also have lower Supreme Organizers for the other planets in their possession. The current Ultimate Supreme Organizer is Axarian. They even have their own type of government, known as an Organizational Government. (Whereas humans run on democracies or monarchies.) Their government is known as the Jaxaarian Alliance, and their military force on Entopia is known as the Entopian Guard There are other guards for other planets, like the Altonian Guard and the Tandemnese guard, but they're pretty much the same thing. They have their own currency system, called the Snofu System, hence their currency being the Snofu. They are the second most intelligent species in the universe, besides the Valdarians. Despite being extremely complex creatures, they prefer simplicity and use the phrase "Teo Tu Thumana", (Which they actually borrowed from the Gorlinians) which literally translates to "Best Is Simple."

 History (year 0001-present):

 The Entopiu were created along with the the Arcanu and the Ukneu on the planet Jaxaar. Together, these species are known as Jaxaarians. After they were created, the Arcanu immediately left the planet to colonize other planets. The Ukneu traveled to the other side of Jaxaar. The Entopiu, however, stayed where they were for a while, living in small villages and using nature for resources. Soon, they formed an organized civilization with a government and two leaders. These leaders were Axarian and his mate Sine.

 Soon, the Entopiu left Jaxaar and colonized a planet they called Entopia. Here on Entopia they formed seven country-like regions called "sectors". They were known as Vaton, Leronox, Tanalum, Siral, Meta, the Allied Regions of Entopia (often shortened to ARE), and the capital sector of Solarus.

 In the year 2000 UT (2000 BC in Human's Vernacular), the Entopian Guard was founded, but it was the first version and didn't have factions or alliances. Also, the armor (Known as JAXAMAR v1 Armor) was heavy and the HUD only came in one color: transparent lime green.

 In the year 4074 UT (AD 74 in Human's Vernacular), the inhabitants of ARE (Known as Arens) and those of Meta (Known as Metens) discovered an unowned area and began to argue over it. Soon, this argument became a feud, which soon became a war. This war was known as the Aren/Meten Civil War, or just the Civil War, and it lasted for about a century. After the war ended, the unowned territory was named Xero and was given to both the Arens and the Metens.

 In the year 4200 UT (AD 200 in Human's Vernacular), the JAXAMAR v1 Armor was finally upgraded to v2 Armor and the Entopian Guard split up into six different Alliances (see the Entopian Guard) and factions became a thing. Also, instead of the old lime green HUD, the HUD was whatever color one's Alliance was and the armor was lighter.

 On Riox 1, 6256 UT (January 1, 2256 in Human's Vernacular), the Entopiu were attacked by a group of renegade Entopiu lead by Krayan, an Entopiu who had betrayed his own kind because ironically HE had felt betrayed by them when he was left to die on the planet Dystopia. But a faction (which had just been activated that day and was known as the Biohazard Faction) lead by an Entopiu named NTShd fought back and defeated them. The Biohazards soon went to find Krayan and bring him back from betrayal.

 Six months later, the Biohazard Faction found Krayan on the planet Negligence (a planet which had long been abandoned by the Mercendarians) and NTShd convinced him that his abandonment on Dystopia was just a big misunderstanding. Krayan and his second-in-command Kay soon joined the Biohazards.

 In the year 6260 UT, a strange dust storm covered the entire planet for about a week. Those who went outside anytime during that week became infected with a nanovirus known as the Dust (see the Dust). Eventually the Biohazard Faction did find a cure and the planet was back to normal.

 In the year 6265 UT, The JAXAMAR v2 armor was upgraded to v3. The design was based off the cloak and helmet Krayan wore when he was "hostile"; they adopted this design because it was lighter, more protective, and it looked a lot cooler.

 In the year 6270 UT, Axarian (The Supreme Organizer of Entopia and the Jaxaarian Alliance) gave orders to the Entopian Guard to search for more planets to colonize and re-colonize Jaxaar. The Mercendarians, who were once the Entopiu's greatest enemy, became one of the Entopiu's greatest allies. Together they conquered, took control of, and colonized many planets.

 In the year 6500 UT, the JAXAMAR v3 armor was upgraded yet again to v4, which was much lighter, much more protective, much cooler, and it could conveniently fold up into a disc on one's back, making it much more efficient, too.

 In the year 7000 UT, the JAXAMAR v4 armor was upgraded one last time to v5, which was even more convenient because it folded up into a smaller disc and it looked a lot cooler. It was also more protective and lightweight compared to the previous version.


 Entopiu aren't allowed on any Human-owned planet besides Altonia (which is inhabited by pretty much every species imaginable). This is because the Humans were attacked by the Mercendarians, and since they were an ally of the Entopiu, the Humans banned any species allied with the Mercendarians, relatively peaceful Entopiu included.

 When a male and female Entopiu become mates, they grow "mate wings" which can be used for flying but are also sensitive during sex.

 Entopiu can run at a speed of 200 mph, and can hover (which is like flying) at a speed of 500 mph, making them the fastest species in the universe.

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