Enidaari VI
Enidaari VI


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Planet InformationEdit

Enidaari is home to the reptilian race known as the Drazans and the bipedal humaniod Vordari. The planet is 54% water and 15% ice. This planet has a radius of 6206.25 km2 (0.97 x Earth) and a mass of 5.91 x 1024kg (0.99 x Earth), while the world has a composition of 31.4% iron, 28.7% magnesium, 20.2% oxygen, 14.9% silicon, 4.1% sulphur and 0.7% other elements.

Enidaari has an atmosphere pressure of 61.82, the air containing 48.4% argon, 27.9% oxygen, 23.7% sulphur dioxide and small traces of other gases. The temperature ranges from 204 K - 349 K. The planet's chemistry is carbon and it is the home for 4.12 billion Drazans and 1.45 billion Vordari. The planet is also a democracy with one large landmass with smaller islands around it.


Notable InhabitantsEdit

  • E'Darda Marko (President) ~ Alive (Drazan)
  • Z'Pyra Tani (1st Vice President) ~ Alive (Vordari)
  • R'Beri Tiga (2nd Vice President) ~ Alive (Vordari)

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