Notable Planets:

No info


Enidaari I - X

Inhabited Planets:

Enidaari VI, Enidaari VII

Enidaari is the home system of the Drazan and the Vordari. It has 10 planets, two blue stars and two sapient races.


  1. Enidaari I
  2. Enidaari II
  3. Enidaari III
  4. Enidaari IV
  5. Enidaari V
  6. Enidaari VI
  7. Enidaari VII
  8. Enidaari VIII
  9. Enidaari IX
  10. Enidaari X

Notable Places

  • J'Freeg Asteriod Belt: This asteriod belt causes large flashes of colour every year as it passes Enidaari III.
  • G'Herd Asteriod Belt: This asteriod belt is at the edge of the system after Enidaari X.
  • F'Urgi Space Station: This is located in the J'Freeg Asteriod Belt and is the remains of an adbandonned space station left there by a long forgotten precursor race that never left their system.
  • F'Urmr MegaCity: This is an adbandonned city in perfect condition left floating in space for millenia in orbit around Enidaari VII. It appears to be made by a different precursor species due to the difference in design. It was reinhabited by the Drazan and the Vordari.

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