Encyclopedia emenata

The cover of the book

The Encyclopedia Emenata. This represents all the knowledge we have about the Emenata universe...
- Nutay Rinkam

The Encyclopedia Emenata was a book penned by the Salsene Polair Bezurk. It attempts to list every known fact about the Emenata universe.

Polair went to great lengths to ensure that the information in the book was factual; for example, he visited Aristotle to find out exactly what it was like before writing its chapter.

Polair also interviewed such people as Nutay Rinkam and Dwaman for their take on historical events.

A digital edition is also available.


The book gained galactic acclaim as "the traveller's best friend". Salsene, Atrenid, and Zyrothan ships often carried a copy of this work on board.


New editions of the Encyclopedia are published frequently, at least every year or so, to account for the rapid exploration of Emenatan planets.

In the first edition, Polair's name was mispelled on the cover. Quite amusingly to some individuals, it has never been fixed.


The book was filled with sketches and photographs.

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