An eht, showing the two tail-flukes and the many scraf openings.

The eht, also known as the Ageriul dolphin, is a member of the Archogigian group including the israphel and the rels. They have a highly advanced sense of smell, and are vicious predators of small marine life such as ghks. They have only a couple of natural predators, although predatory apodotheres have been recorded to leave land and have a go at catching one.


Ehts are most notable for their scrafs. They have developed multiple openings, each one watertight between the cranium and jaw, that let water freely flow through and out of the back. Only the top front opening is used for breathing, and is an entirely seperate passage from the others. The reason for this system is that water can flow through, and out of the other side, letting this animal have pinpoint-precision smell whilst having a perfectly safe breathing system. They can still open their scrafs, though, which they do when they're lazing around on the surface, and can close their breathing holes behind their scrafs. Ehts have paired tail flukes, descended from the upper limbs. They have two fins from the lower set, as well. They have a dorsal fin, and no neck. Their jaws are long with needle-sharp teeth, suitable for catching small thin prey items like ghks.


Unlike most rels and the israphel, ehts look after their young. They live in social groups known as lhgabs, although most call them pods. They will support their young from underneath when it's tired, and help the youngster hunt by guiding it around a bait ball. They need only about half a minute of sleep a day. Ehts seem to enjoy washing their scrafs in waves, and will splash water on each other to help socialise. Like many terran marine tetrapods, they will corral their prey into a bait ball, to help pick ghks off.

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