Dzuternak is the third planet in the Velkoda System, after Mychurek

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

This planet is an earth-sized and hot planet.


Dzuternak has a radius of nearly 5500km and a density of more than 5.3g/cm^3, giving it a gravity of around .8g.


Dzuternak has a thin crust, only around 20km thick on average. This is made of silicate materials. The mantle leads to a large core, taking up at least half of the volume. This is made of iron and titanium. It has a thin atmosphere of .15atm made of mainly nitrogen and argon.


This planet has an orbital period of 138 days, and a day period of 27 hours. It has one satellite, around a tenth of its mass, named Chyzek.


Dzuternak is colored greenish due to its surface being dusted with rusted copper. It has a large amount of craters, due to repetitive bombardment from asteroids. 

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