Dwobb are small, rabbit-like herbivores that live in the Gth Isles of Gars.


Dwobb resemble bipedal grey lizards, growing about 0.5 meters long at most. Unlike most Garsians, Dwobb rely on speed and agility rather than armor and strength to defend themselves. Their eyes are capable of swiveling, allowing them to detect predators from quite a distance. Their front limbs are spade-like, and can be used as a last ditch defense mechanism.

Diet and EcologyEdit

Dwobb generally use their front limbs to dig up the subterranean roots of the Tree of Night. However, they are quite adaptable, and will settle for any type of vegetable matter. Due to their small size and great abudance, many predators in the Gth Isles feed almost exclusively on the Dwobb. Due to their status as fast-breeding food animals, many Dwobb have been domesticated and brought to colony worlds.


During the Garsian spring, Dwobb males will begin to fight over mates, using their front limbs as weapons. After mating, the female will lay a clutch of up to thirty eggs, which are buried and then abandoned.


Dwobb are solitary creatures of very low intelligence; such low intelligence, in fact, that a particularly foolish Skarg is often called a Dwobb.

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