The DSR's main reason is to have a detailed look on the type's of ships the Dwellers ever used.


The Dwellers had many defensive equipment and used many weapons to take out their enemys without making(too much)casualties.

Neutral equipmentEdit

  • Life Support
  • Comm. Relays and towers
  • Gravitational Generators
  • Gravity Lift
  • Hyper-Space Engine


  • Shields
  • Volcik Gatling Gun
  • Disruptor Coils
  • Pin-Point Laser Defence
  • Anti-Matter Shields



  • Singularity-Cannon
  • Anti-Fighter Cannons
  • Death-Ray
  • Thunder-Beam
  • Particle-Beam Cannon
  • Dark Sérus
  • Rail Guns
  • Heavy Cannons
  • Heat Pounder


  • Ion-cannon
  • Disruptor Charge
  • Electronical Cloud Generator
  • Mikt'rai(Special Viruses for Electronical-Wafare)

Special payloadsEdit

Due to the Dweller's vision of the way of Life they mostly use non-lethal weapons. But when seen a species not only endangers the Dwellers but also all species they meet they use their Lethal-Class 5 payloads:

Sibling YearsEdit

This is the period when the Dwellers first achieved space flight:

  • Rult'a(freighter)
  • Gayank(friget)
  • Komla(cruiser)
  • Yunkjo(destroyer)
  • Amagun(heavy-cruiser *near end*)
  • Wurivan(battleship *near end*)
  • Ebug'ok(dreadnought *near end*)

First Foothold in the GalaxyEdit

The period when they created their 750th colony in their galaxy, now being able to call themselves masters of Thermus:

  • Rulvan(freighter)
  • Gajkol(friget)
  • Komalu(cruiser)
  • Yut'va(destroyer)
  • Aragak(heavy-cruiser)
  • Wulgôvän(battleship)
  • Ebagôr(dreadnought)
  • Mayesta(Imperan)

Before MutationEdit

A period when they were planning to escape their 'time' and live underground:

  • Rulf(freighter)
  • Gajn(friget)
  • Komc(cruiser)
  • Yut'i(destroyer)
  • Argk(heavy-cruiser)
  • Wulgôk(battleship)
  • Ebangk(dreadnought)
  • Rôysôv(Imperan)

After MutationEdit

The periods after they went underground:

  • Bolthok(dreadnought, note that they did not replace the 'h' with an ' )

When they went underground they tore down their(mighty)fleets for resources and only used the Bolthok ships.

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