Dusteater is a male Gehennian, who is currently living in the Obscura Galaxy chasing after the Wanderer and it's crew.


Dusteater is a particularly large and slender Gehennian, with pale skin. He has a slight bit of hair on his chin, and there are a few projectile-holes in his wings. He gained these during a firefight with a group of Rennites on Styx.


Dusteater is arrogant, and is spiteful towards The Seven.


Dusteater is the son of the late Cthire.

Soon after coming of age, Dusteater was sent on a routine mission to the Obscura Galaxy, where he met Ferrus Jandor and his crew. After being thwarted once, Dusteater swore vengeance on the ship.

In FictionEdit

Dusteater is a major antagonist in the first season of Wanderers.

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