A rare picture of Duisternis

Duisternis is a planet with a thick atmosphere, and a desolate surface.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Duisternis is a hard planet to locate, and is hard to study.


The atmosphere of Duisternis is very thick and is filled with gases toxic to humans. The atmosphere is 43% carbon dioxide, 24% carbon monoxide, 13% formalhyde, and several other carbon based molecules and ash.


Duisternis is the fourth planet from Waark , after Koudaardrijk , and before Verweg. It is warmer, a class TCA planet, than Koudaardrijk because of its greenhouse effect. Also, Duisternis has an asteroid moon, Kleinmaan .


Duisternis has a relatively small radius, at around 2100 km, and has a density of 5.8 g/cm^3. It does lose some mass, about 2cm of its radius each century due to degrading winds pushing ash and sand into space.

Rough Exploration Jet

A design for a Krijgvolk exploration jet


Duisternis is a grey, desolate planet, and not a very popular tourist destination.


The surface of Duisternis is grey and ashen, and has been like that for almost since its creation. It has a few smoother 'seas' which have a darker rock basin, and have less debris in them due to the greater winds.

Interactions by sapientsEdit

Currently the Krijgvolk have several colonies in the atmosphere of Duisternis. These are made of strong kevlar, and are filled with helium. Because the atmosphere is so dense, these float easily, and have strong metal structures beneath them.

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