The Dryads are a sapient race native to the planet Lotus IV, in the Folia universe. Dryads are a peaceful people, who have never known strife or warfare amongst their people.


Dryads resemble Terran trees of great size. Each individual has one central mind, located at the roots, and multiple sub-minds, spread equally through the branches. In essence, a Dryad is a hive mentality. Given sufficient time and nourishment, a Dryad can grow to be 30 meters tall. They are considered to be physiological classification A30A.


These are immensely intelligent beings, far superior in intellect to most conventional sapients. It is possible that the Dryads would have already achieved multiversal domination, had it not been for their greatest impediment: their inability to communicate with one another. For millennia, Dryads lived in complete isolation from others of their own kind. They spent their days pondering philosophy, completely unaware of the existence of other Dryads. Without communication, there was no civilization. This changed when the Calamites discovered Lotus IV. The Calamites used their telepathic faculty to communicate with the Dryads. Since this, Dryads and Calamites have been strongy allied with one another.

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