Drop bears are large, carnivorous mammals native to the planet Styx. They lurk in the treetops and drop down on their prey.


Drop bears have a koala-like body shape, but they have long claws and large sabre-teeth. The coat of a drop bear is brown.


Drop bears frequently feed on Rennites, although in recent years various Grakk have formed a staple of their diet.


These animals live in large packs often containing up to thirty to forty individuals. When prey is detected, the entire pack will descend and rip the unfortunate creature to pieces. They are greatly feared, as the fog on Styx makes it very difficult to detect the animals.


Drop Bear Skeleton

The skeleton of a drop bear, brought to Ravana's personal museum

Drop bears have become much rarer since the Daemon occupation of Styx,

but they still live in isolated areas. A few Rennite environmentalists are currently working to breed the animals in captivity.

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