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Drexlor Trees have been estimated to be around the multiverse for the past 50 billion years, but only recently have they began their slow quest across the galaxy by spores through space, travelling only by they hook into a ship's (or an asteroid's) roof with their roots.

As it gets older, a Drexlor's growth speeds up.

Bark and LeavesEdit

The Bark of a Drexlor Tree is described as smooth when touched, but it shows no sign of being smooth, with brown, grey, yellow and green appearing on its trunk it is very colourful. As it is younger, a Drexlor Tree will have spikes sticking out of it until it is 17 years since first growth. This is to protect the tree while in early stages of growth from wild predators and primitive technology. The trunk is hollow and is suitable for primitive sapients to live in. The trunk is, however, 5cm thick and all the nutrients come up from there. The trunk size increases by 0.75m every metre the Drexlor grows.

The leaves of a Drexlor are covered in tiny spikes, like on a pineapple, or a cactus depending on how old the tree is. The leaves can be used to create Xanolam, a drug with the side effects of pupil loss, unable to balance on four legs or less, and it has a 20% chance of putting the subject into an eternal coma, unless the subject is injected with a cure.


The Drexlor can be (estimated height) after... years.

10: 15m (high)

25: 25m (high)

40: 50m (high)

75: 140m (high)

Oldest known Drexlor, 50 billion years old: 1500km high, started to grow outwards for 65750km as to date.

They grow in groups between 4-9 and usally merge into a single tree after decades of growing together.

Planting NeedsEdit

Drexlor have a simple and adaptive genetic code and they can grow in marshes, forests, and many other places. However, they cannot grow on a planet with no atmostsphere and cannot survive in deserts for very long, unless they were already there when the desert came.


  • Drexlor trees have been cut down and scientists have found an revoultionary metal inside, holding the tree up. This material is kept for goverments only, and hasn't been told to the public. It has been unoffically called Niorvent. Due to this metal, it appears that these trees are the result of genetic manipulation from over 50 Billion years ago.

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