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Drepan is a class THI terrestrial planet located in the Cloud of Tatra. It is the homeworld of the Meyu.


Drepan is the second planet in its system, orbiting Bukhana, a G3-class star.


Drepan has a mean diameter of approximately 15,000 kilometers.


Drepan's crust is 47.5% oxygen, 22.6% silicon, 21.2% aluminium, 1.3% nickel, 4.5% other metals, and 2.9% other elements.


Drepan's surface is approximately 50% water. The remainder of the surface, excepting the polar ice caps, is taken up by a large, tropical supercontinent.


The atmosphere of Drepan is 74.7% nitrogen, 24.2% oxygen and the remainder other gases. The pressure at sea level is 0.94 bars.


Drepan takes 28 standard hours to rotate on its axis. It has an axial tilt of 18 degrees, and is stable.


Drepan has two large moons.


Drepan map

Map of Drepan

Most of the land on Drepan consists of jungle and tropical pampas. However, immense mountains rest in the center of the supercontinent, surrounded by extensive deserts. The coasts are often marked by sheer cliffs instead of beaches.

Intense geologic activity means that canyons and other rocky features are a common sight in all biomes.

Life is abundant here, and a wide variety of outlandish organisms are present. The planet is also home to the sapient Meyu.


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