Drazan Technology is advanced and mainly Drazan create technology and the Vordari use it for them.


The Drazan use a simple Pulse Rifle as their primary weapon, having heavy knockback on their targets, stunning it and non-lethal damage on it, but use the Excalibur Machine Gun, a gun which fires titanium as it is common on Enidaari V, when trying to kill something and not capture it.

The Artemis missiles always fire into two's and release huge kinetic enrgy upon impact.


  • Interceptor: This ship is 50m in length and is in the shape of a Fighter Jet armed with a twin-linked Laser Cannon and protected by a light shield.
  • Yotu: This ship is a transport blimp built in honour of the Yotu Independence day.
  • Cruiser: This ship fires vollys of missile fire with a backup Plasma Launcher with a heavy shield.
  • Plasma Caster: This ship only uses plasma technology and has a light shield.
  • Boarder: This ship has the strongest shield available and can slice open the strongest material and board the opposing ship from close range.
  • Bomber: This ship drops pulse bombs which stun creatures and blow up bulidings within a 5 kilometer radius of where it was dropped.

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