Dragua are sapient animals native to Suchos, an infernal planet in Viperius Galaxy.


Dragua resemble large crocodiles, with an erect stance. They have vestigal wings, 4 legs, and a long tail used for balance. Their scales, skin and flesh have tiny nanobots and microchips in them to increase heat tolerance. Many horns decorate the back of their heads. The eyes are cybernetic to prevent them from melting away.

Dragua are usually dark blue in color, but this is often tanned into dark purple due to the heat. They are 5.5 meters long when fully grown.


Dragua are lithotrophs, feeding on various cultured crystals, rocks and ores. Obsidian and pumice makes up most of their diet, along with geodes. Diamonds are also a fairly common meal. Due to this diet, their teeth are large and thick, with pointed tips in order to grip rock.

They no longer need to drink due to genetic and biomechanical modification. In fact, it is deadly in large doses to them.


Dragua are friendly and placid, and despite appearances they are seldom aggressive.


The Dragua frequently make jokes about lava, and find it comical to see volcanoes erupt.


Dragua are very advanced technologically, but do not have spaceflight of any kind. They see no need to go into space. However, they can build extremely impressive habitats and arcologies.


Holovision is extremely popular with the Dragua, as are video games. Books are pointless as they would burn up in the heat, so they use digital literature instead.


Despite their heat tolerance, Dragua live in controlled habitats since they must breathe oxygen to survive. Most of these are underground, where minerals and rock deposits are abundant. The oxygen is supplied by special machines that pump the oxygen into the cities.

However, a few cities exist on the surface as tall arcologies, but food must be either grown or imported from the underground habitats.

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