A map showing each of Dragovia's continents

Dragovia is a planet in the Viperius Galaxy. When it was first discovered by sapient beings, it was named after its original inhabitants.

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Location and PositionEdit

Dragovia orbits its sun at a distance of roughly 100 million miles, so it is easily habitable. This was confirmed when the first sapient beings arrived to investigate the planet.


Dragovia is larger than Earth, but not so much that it makes a difference. Its gravitational pull is roughly the same as that of earth, so fairly large creatures were able to develop. Its exact size has not yet been accurately measured.


Dragovia is a diverse planet, with may different habitats, like Earth. It used to consist of one giant supercontinent, but massive earthquakes caused by an asteroid impact split the continent into three smaller continents. The asteroid itself smashed into the sea on the opposite side of the planet. A great crater is still there, under the ocean, and it is now inhabited by sea monsters.

No other major events apart from the evolution of life have ever happened in Dragovia's ancient history.

Many years after the Scarabians landed on Dragovia, the Arbotiles followed. Luckily, these two sapient races couldn't survive in each others' environment, and there was no more. This was not the same when the Gaedrongos arrived. They landed on Tropica and had a battle with the Arbotiles there.

A few years after that, the Salsene Grand Fleet set up a medium-sized colony on the planet.


Since the asteroid split the supercontinent into three, each entity now has its own name. They are called Frostia, Vulcas and Tropica. They relate to each continent's main geographical feature - ice, volcanoes and forests. Different species have evolved in different habitats. Sea creatures have also evolved in the Titan Crater under the Tetras Sea.



Though Dragovia has no natural satellites, lots of satellites have been placed in orbit by the sapient beings that have arrived on the planet. Most of these belong to the Arbotiles.

There is one space station in orbit around the planet, placed there by the Salsenes in order to protect their colony.

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