Dolen is a Rennite rebel, who has fought in many battles against the Daemons. He is the killer of Cthire.


During the days before the Daemon invasion, Dolen lived a peaceful life. He was married to a female by the name of Jaera, and he had a daughter. He was also the head of a local game club, and he studied natural history as a hobby. His best friend was undoubtedly a fellow Rennite named Kolar.

His life was shattered when Rennite First Contact was made. At this time, hordes of Daemons landed on Styx, and killed or enslaved most of the population. Dolen joined a local militia, and thus gained his first encounter with war.

Through the days of the Rennite Rebellion, Dolen became an expert in warfare and fighting. Eventually, he killed the Korgrath Chaon. He used the armor of this Daemon to infiltrate the fortress of Soulbane. After being captured, he was rescued by Earthrender. Dolen then stole a Daemon ship and fled to Angeli space. On the way, he killed The Seven Cthire, with a Neutronium-metal bullet. Once there, he persuaded the Angeli to help the Rennites win the war.

After the decisive Battle of Styx, Dolen traveled to the planet Lanka, in order to negotiate with the native Praedicans.


Dolen is hard, and rarely shows much affection or love, but he is kind and good-natured. He has a great love of nature.

In FictionEdit

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