Karumihan System


Yelo, Sarruyts, Nakhaeng

Notable Species:




To see a list of the flora and fauna of Dokusen, click here.

Dokusen is a terrestrial planet that orbits a medium-sized white star in the Karumihan System, located in the Materia Galaxy's southern edge.

It is about two fifth's larger than Earth, and as such has a stronger gravitational pull. Dokusen sits comfortably in its' parent star's habitable zone. Three ice moons orbit the planet: Yelo, Sarruyts, and Nakhaeng. It has alternating and intermediate seasons of hot and cold weather much like Earth, although the ambient temperature is usually higher due to the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere. There is no ice at the poles, having melted long ago, drastically raising sea levels.

The native Xerkolis have polluted their planet to the point of toxicity to most other creatures. Mutations are common on the planet, sometimes leading to entirely new species in a matter of years. The Xerkolis have also introduced the fiercest creatures in Xion into Dokusen's ecosystem. They either die or adapt, leading to even more exotic, mutant species.

The relatively small continents are covered in dense cities and settlements, the native ecosystem having long been urbanized. Most Xerkolis in Xion live in these crowded cities.

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