The Dirus are a race of shark-like sapients from the Kamodan Galaxy. Their homeworld of Charcharia has been conquered by the Yraath, and most Dirus have been enslaved.


Charcharia is almost entirely covered in oceans, which provide more than enough space and food for its native inhabitants. For this reason, the Dirus never had to evolve past an aquatic stage. They did, however, have to compete with other marine predators.

The typical Dirus is forty feet long, and is covered in bony armor. The jaws of a Dirus are powerful enough to crunch through steel. Dirus are black in color, and sense their world via echolocation.


Dirus are the apex predators of their planet, feeding on most of their planets organisms.



Dirus are solitary creatures, and thus have no major culture, save for an elaborate courtship that involves ritual migrations and hunting.


Dirus believe that all organisms have part of God within them. They also believe that by killing an organism, the part of God that it held is absorbed by the killer. Violence is common on their world.


The Dirus have no technology whatsoever; not even basic tools are utilized.


For millions of years, the Dirus ruled the seas, loners all. When the Yraath invaded their world, they were powerless to fight back, and now many Dirus are forced to perform various underwater tasks for their new masters. Such tasks include scouting waters for mines and locating submarines.

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