The Diphelios is a semi-aquatic reptillian native to Tegenstrijdig. It lives on the shores of the planet, also being able to swim great depths and far into the ocean due to having both lungs and gills.


Further more, Diphelios has a large inflatable sail on his back that contains high amounts of hydrogen that it inflates when Diphelios is trying to swim upwards. Diphelios has congruently shaped feet, each with a spur on the right-most claw, used for poisoning enemies with a neuro-toxin causing paralysis.

Internal OrgansEdit

After food is swallowed, Diphelios has 3 cavities, each about the size of a human heart. The first one drowns the food in acids for digestion, the second one fully absorbs as many minerals and vitamins as possible from the food, the third one absorbs water and other liquids. Its heart is 5 chambered and the blood supply begins to heat when deep underwater, to prevent hypothermia.


Diphelios being an an omnivore, he can eat nearly any form of seaweed abundant on the sea as well as the meat of any reptilian creature. Due to certain features in Diphelios's stomach, it often will vomit mammalian meat, bird meat and Diphelios meat. Diphelios also gather and hoard "minty seaweed" and eat them as a delicacy. When Diphelios are hungry, they may begin to hunt, rather than swim far and gather seaweed.

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