Dinoterra is an alternate version of Earth located in the Obeidon multiverse. It diverged from Earth 65 million years ago. In this world, the K-T Event never occured, meaning that the dinosaurs did not go extinct.


The continental structure of Dinoterra is exactly the same as that of present-day Earth.


Dinoterra is home to a wide variety of dinosaurs, mammals, pterosaurs, and marine reptiles. Many of the major dinosaur groups have diversified into forms not seen before in the fossil record, such as the nimble sauropod Hylocephalosaurus, the grass-eating Bovisaur, and the predatory, pack-hunting therizinosaur Therizinocitatus. There is even a sapient race known as Raptor sapiens living on the planet.

Across the planet, there is a species of small herbivore called Sytanes that are prey for many species. These are present all over the continents.

In FictionEdit

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