Dicers are large dicynodonts native to Rakosa, in the Undrishuar universe. They are farmed by the Arlekt as livestock.


Several different dicer breeds exist. They vary in size and appearance. It would be impossible to list them all, so a list of the three most common breeds will be provided instead.

  • Bull: The largest breed of dicer, at six meters long and three meters tall at the shoulder. Used as a breed for hunting, rather than livestock. They always have large tusks, and are also the most primitive breed. The genome of this breed has been used as a reference when resurrecting the gigatheres.
  • Nutradice: The most commonly farmed breed of dicer, due to its relative ease of care and nutrition content, containing more protein than any other dicer breed. They are four meters long, and have no tusks, due to genome editing.
  • Dwarf: The smallest dicer, at three meters long, this breed is used as livestock and as a lab animal due to its high ease of care.


Dicers are herbivores, feeding on shrubs and ferns.

Life cycleEdit

Depending on the breed, the lifespan of a dicer can range from six to twenty years. They reach sexual maturity at three to five years. Dicers give birth to live young.

Other usesEdit

Dicers are used as prey animals for fidelisaurs.

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