Dezt'skalek is the sixth planet in the Velkoda System, after Sytezmok

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

Dezt'skalek is the only non-rocky planet in its system, and is an ice giant.


With a radius of nearly 35,000km and a density of 1.3g/cm^3, Dezt'skalek's gravity is around 1.0g. As such, it can support a few moons.


Dezt'skalek is mainly hydrogen and helium, but has plenty of ammonia and water ice in its atmosphere. It has a core made of ice, giving it a lower density than expected. 


Dezt'skalek has a long orbital period of 194 days, and a day period of 19 hours. It has four main moons; Pometczek, Pravek, Urenek, and Pirazek. 


Dezt'skalek is a light shade of blue, undisturbed by clouds or any other disturbances. Its uniform composition prevents any rings of gases.

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