An image of a deohe, showing the large chest and near-useless arms.

Lethality class: Motile VII

Deohe are a type of carnivorous pack hunter from the nithlands of Ageriul that are adapted to take down creatures such as brilla. They run very fast, are in the israphel's area of the archogigian family tree, and can throw acid-filled mudballs. Their arms have degenerated into long, thin tubes, only really useful for balance.


Deohe are similar to wolves in their niche. They can run at high speeds, around 70 mph. This means that their prey, brilla, can outrun it. To give them an advantage, they can scoop up dirt in their jaws and mix it with rock-dissolving acids, roll it into a ball with an armoured tongue, and then toss it with the lower jaw. This distracts the attention of animals, and splats against the hairs of brillas. If a brilla's hairs are non-functional, it will be forced to run slower, as they are less sensitive to balance.

A deohe will use its antennae and arms in a similar manner to how a brilla uses its arms and bristles, adding extra balance skills for high-speed pursuit or fleeing. This speed also allows it to outrun alhtupuths, and in certain areas of its range, alhturels. They have highly acute hearing, being able to pick out the sound and direction of an alhtuputh's wingbeat from 30 metres away. They can use their mudballs for distraction of potential predators as another defence. As a last resort, their bites and kicks are brutal. Their feet can grip objects.


Deohe live in packs of around 8 adults and however many young. They are highly protective of their young, unlike most other members of the israphel clade. They will risk their lives trying to distract or drive away threats to the pack's youngsters. They have been reported throwing mudballs at an alhtuputh's face, mobbing an israphel, and biting the ankles of a herd of aaark. When the young grow up, they will find themselves as omegas, until they work their way up the ranks as betas and, for the best few, become alphas. There is no clear boundary between states, as the ranks are the sum of the pack's respect for another member. Deohe live in large communal burrows.

A hunt for a deohe will usually involve three stages. The first is stalking, where the pack sets itself up around the prey item so they can attack. The second stage is the chase, where they will charge at the prey until they are in leaping distance. The final stage is the attack, where a member will screech and throw a mudball at the prey, while another screams and leaps at the prey. They will then grip on with their feet if they hit, and bite their prey repeatedly, tearing backwards with their necks, until the prey slows and the others can join in. If it misses, or gets knocked off, the attack stage begins again with another mudball.

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