Demon snappers are omnivores native to Skrap. They have no eyes, and are obviously therefore blind.


Demon snappers look like the Terran theropod dinosaur Concavenator, but they have no eyes. They are blue in color, with brown faces. Their teeth are long, curved and backwards facing, with serrations. Like Terran mosasaurs, they have teeth in the throat, known as pterygoid teeth. These pterygoid teeth resemble the normal teeth of Spinosaurus on Earth. Demon snappers have retractable claws that are unusually blunt, resembling those of an ornithomimid. They are 3.5 meters long and 1.2 meters tall.


These are omnivores, and have a diet of plant matter, carrion and scraps left by sapients, as well as rizzak. Attacks on sapients have been recorded, but are extremely rare, and only 1 of them was fatal. Demon snappers are themselves prey for sklashers.


Demon snappers live for 30-55 years.

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