Delthea is a 2-brane (as such 2-dimensional) and temporal microverse, linked to Emenata.


Delthea is a small microverse, just a few megalightyears in both dimensions. It contains structures similar to p-brane universes, with atoms formed out of two-dimensional particles, although these have very different 'properties,' with charges nonexistant and particle 'charge' is instead based on size. The massed particles are known as maons. There are no 'negative' particles with a positive mass, although balances are neutralized by massless particles non as torons.

Torons are odd particles, much like leptons. They form the glue between maons, and one variety, the syron, can somewhat neutralize it. However, this charge function has made this universe unstable, and as such atoms cannot bond and no structures can exist. 


Even if Delthean particles could bond, the strong force in this universe is around 10% of that in Emenata, and gravity is nonexistant. 

With all of these values, Delthea has a Fleeman Dimension of 3.

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