Dejtmavek is the seventh, and final, planet in the Velkoda System, after Dezt'skalek

Planetary CharacteristicsEdit

An iceball world, Dejtmavek is practically useless.


Dejtmavek has a radius of around 5000km and a density of 5.2g/cm^3, giving it a gravity around .65g. This allows it to have a few moons.


Dejtmavek has a small, iron core, giving way to a rocky mantle and crust, both nearly entirely solid. Due to this, all tectonic activity has ceased. The crust is made mainly of silicate rock, covered by nearly 500m of chemical ices in some places. Due to the temperature, it has no atmosphere.


With an orbital period of 492 years and a day period of 65 hours, this planet is very inactive. It has one, small asteroid moon which is in a collision course with the planet.


Dejtmavek's surface is nearly completely smooth, with chemical ices and such causing the rock underneath to be iced over. The planet as a whole looks slightly brownish.

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