Death rippers are large predators from Thanatos. Although they are up to 25 feet long, they are nowhere near the largest predators on the planet.


Death rippers resemble an Allosaurus. However, they have much larger claws. Their hand claws are up to 50 cm long, and their toe claws are 55 cm long, with the exception of the sickle claw, which is 75 cm long and serrated. Death ripper skin is covered in hard, thick scales to protect it from the even larger predators of Thanatos. Their teeth are conical, serrated and have cusps, like some Terran sharks, and reach up to 10 cm long. Death rippers are dark green in color.


Death rippers eat anything smaller than themselves, but they seem to have a particular fondness for algaeworms.

Social structure and lifespanEdit

Death rippers are pack hunters that hunt in groups of 10. They mate for life, and live for about 70 years.

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