*chuckles* Your name is really Threavon?
- Xiovirgh against Darkwatch after learning his true name

Darkwatch is a being composed from an unknown material, he is higly intelligent and capable of timetravel. He is seen as a danger to all of the universe and The Order is doing their best to destroy him.

Throughout history he was mentioned several times, mostly dating back to apocalyptic times, but was seen as a myth. When he introduced himself duriung The battle of the Sun it was clear that he was responsible for the destruction of many species. There are many species which he can be tied to as he enslaved many of them.

He has a highly sadistical personality by putting species before an ultimatum causing them to betray friends for power, eventually this power causes the race in question to become enslaved and unable of individual thinking.


Darkwatch seems to be wearing a dark coat, in reality this is part of him that is connected on his back, he uses this to conceal his bare body. The hood of the coat emits some kind of dark flame. He has 2 eyes that are slightly bent. Darkwatch wears a sword that he carries with him all the time.


Darkwatch is capable of entering people's mind and make them see horrific illusions. He is capable of controlling several kinds of materials (such as his sword) and can time travel. He showed a new power during The Battle of the Sun which is firing a giant darkish ball that explodes upon impact.

After his grandmaster died he received untold powers and became an interdimensional being after being exposed to the true power of his master.

Relations to other racesEdit

Darkwatch is aware of the excistance of many species but only made (known) contact to the following species:

  • Dweller: During the battle for the Amethyst the Dwellers were one of the first species to come under attack by Darkwatch and his fleet.
  • Astin: Same as the Dwellers, they were one of the first species to get attacked.
  • Yhang: As the Yhang are allied with the Dwellers and the Astin they too came under attack.
  • Auctor: The Auctors were present at the time Darkwatch attacked the Dwellers and they too were attacked but sustained minimal losses.
  • Abomination: An unclear picture has revealed that Darkwatch has affairs with the Abominations and seems to give them technology of unknown origin.

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