Darkshades are powerful, dimension-hopping creatures that live in Obeidon. They are extremely dangerous, as they are made out of Xi.


Darkshades have no specific shape; instead, they morph themselves into any form useful at the time. They can change themselves into something as powerful as a Gehennian, or something as harmless as a Gecka. It all depends on their current situation.


Darkshades roam Obeidon, hunting. It is unknown why they enjoy killing creatures (particularly sapients). It is possible that they are what most races would call insane.

While Darkshades can be sapient, they are not always. If they have morphed into a sapient being, they will be sapient. If they have morphed into a beast of some kind, they will remain bestial.


Xi, the substance Darkshades are made out of, does not exist in most universes. To get around this, most Darkshades use a special device they found in Lacus; a small implant that holds together their molecules. This allows Darkshades to enter universes such as Emenata.

Relations with Other RacesEdit

Darkshades have appeared in the legends of many creatures, often becoming a bogeyman-like figure used to scare children. Virtually every race in the multiverse tells tales of these ferocious beasts.

Some species, such as the Shellious, keep the existence of the Darkshades a closely kept secret, allowing only top government officials to know about them.

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