Dark Hound is a BOT (Black Ops Team, a name given by the Twikhian military) that gained much fame during the Volt Conflict when it was under the command of Sergeant Yvaree. The team was always tight due to her efforts and after she ordered the team to return back to Twik-Twikh controlled space the team quickly began to fall apart. The numerous soldiers in the team were each given their own BOT as they were highly experienced.

Afterwards the BOT Dark Hound was left as a heroic memory. The Twikher Secret Service has said in 3.999.582 -- AM that they would reassemble Dark Hound when it would be necessary.


The team was originally created in 2.201.791 -- AM, 11 years after the start of the Volt Conflict. Throughout the years the BOT was led into combat by numerous brilliant officers who mostly found their death on the battlefield. The BOT gained the most fame while under the command of Sergeant Yvaree near the end of the Volt Conflict.


  • The BOT was named after Poilth who was occasionaly nicknamed the Dark Hound, however, he did not create the team. That was up to his son, Plirtho.

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